The Future of Ideaware: A Latin American Tech Talent Hub


Andrés M.


Posted on July 12, 2023


It’s been a 12-year amazing journey building Ideaware from a one-man consultancy (yours truly) to UX/UI agency to now providing staff augmentation services. I am nothing but thankful for our amazing clients, partners, and the amazing people that I get to work with every day.

Over the past 3 years a lot has changed (what hasn’t, right?): we went fully remote and started hiring anywhere in Colombia, not just in BAQ or MDE where our offices are. These past years have proven to us that we can expand and provide amazing talent to our clients from anywhere.

We’re now taking our next step by working towards becoming a hub for tech talent in Latin America. Moving forward we will be connecting US-based companies with vetted talent across the region.

The need (and benefits) of Latin America

The tech industry is growing rapidly, and Latin America has become an increasingly important player in this market. As more companies turn to technology to solve business problems, the demand for skilled tech professionals continues to rise. This is where Ideaware comes in. By establishing ourselves as a hub for tech talent in the region, we can help bridge the gap between the demand for tech talent and the supply of it in Latin America.

Plus, companies get a lot of benefits by working with talent in Latin America:

  1. Latin America has a rapidly growing tech industry.
  2. The region offers a large pool of skilled tech professionals.
  3. The time zone is the same as the US, making communication and collaboration easy.
  4. The cost of living in Latin America is lower than in the US, making it more cost-effective to hire talent from the region.
  5. Latin American developers are trained in the latest technologies and programming languages.
  6. The region has a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  7. Latin American talent is highly adaptable and able to work with diverse teams.
  8. Language barriers are minimal in the region, with many tech professionals being fluent in English.
  9. Latin America has a large population of young, tech-savvy individuals who are eager to work in the tech industry.
  10. Latin America is geographically close to the US, making it easy to travel back and forth for meetings and collaboration.

More than just talent sourcing, we aim to become a 🚀 platform

We’ve just launched our new website which is much more than just informational. We built it for both professionals looking to work remotely for US-based companies, and for such companies to work with top talent in Latin America.

Not just software and no AI hype, we’re people working with people. We work hard to match the right people with the right companies and positions.

For professionals

If you’re looking to work remotely for a US-based company, we can help. Our team will help you by providing you with the resources and training for a successful interview. Read more about it on our Find a Job page.

You can also Join our professional platform here. After you join our team will be in touch for interviews and guiding you through the entire process until we find a perfect job for you.

For companies

If you are looking to expand your team, we will work with you to find the right experts for the job. From job descriptions to sourcing and screening, you work with us every step of the way until we fill the role. You decide who you want to work with. It’s easy and quick, we fill most roles in a matter of days. Start today by using our planner.


Now more than ever, we are strongly committed to both our partners and team. By bridging the gap between the demand for tech talent and the supply of it in Latin America, we can help drive innovation and growth in the region.

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