How we supported Qrvey to build a 40+ person team.


We've worked with Qrvey for over 5 years to build an all inclusive team of AWS, analytics, frontend, backend and design experts.

About Qrvey

Qrvey, a Virginia-based company, was founded in 2016 to usher in a new generation of cloud-native business analytics on AWS. Qrvey allows SaaS companies to create richer products and bring them to market faster, while lowering development and deployment costs.

NodeJS Developers

UX/UI Designers


QA Engineers

React Developers

AWS Devops


Start and grow a Colombia-based team to handle design, research, development and support.

Qrvey's founder reached out to us to start a nearshore team from scratch. We helped finding the right people for early product iteration, development and now also support.


Design & Research team

Qrvey required a stellar research and UX/UI team to do customer interviews and design the intial prototype of the product. The team has been onboard and growing since then as the company shifted from design, to sales and now iteration mode.


Development & Infrastructure team

We also built for Qrvey a full development team. This includes frontend, backend, QA and Devops engineers. The team has been growing steadily since we started.


Product Management & CS

To manage their growing team and customer base, we worked with Qrvey to find top product managers and customer support specialists for their operation.


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Team members hired


Technologies used

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The goals we achieved


Team members hired.


Reduction in payroll costs.


Years of strategic partnership.

What our clients think of us

“We were able to expand our team constantly and deliver more with every monthly release.”

Arman Eshraghi

Founder & CEO at Qrvey


“Ideaware’s commitment to providing us with the best team and their expertise in managing the recruitment and screening process set them apart.”

Michael Miklavic

CTO at 8K Consulting


“Ideaware has done an excellent job of finding high-quality developers to supplement our team. They are a joy to work with and work hard to learn new technologies and skills.Ideaware has proven to be a collaborative and successful partnership. We look forward to many more years.”

Dorothy Wise

COO at Mesh Communities

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