Building Our Most Important Product: Ideaware’s Team Culture


Paola T.

Marketing and Culture

Posted on June 23, 2022


Imagine working on your dream project in a contactless work environment. As much as working from home is the top perk priority in the tech world, it doesn’t mean we don’t need to be in touch with our team and don’t want to be heard and appreciated.


Every company has its own culture and ways. At Ideaware, our culture is a set of values, ideas, efforts and methods of making people feel valued and cozy in their routines.

And YESSS, how your team feels reflects in their productivity and decision-making! We are more creative and productive when we are happy in our work environment. Think about all those times when you haven’t felt comfortable at work. You will notice that your productivity has gone down and you feel worn out.

Let’s start with the obvious!

You need to hire the right experts for the job like any other product. The team who determines your culture needs to be aligned with your beliefs and have an energy that matches the company’s. They need to go above and beyond and be resourceful and creative because keeping more than 100 people happy is not an easy task, but it is a fantastic daily challenge.


Culture as our internal product

It’s not all about planning what we are going to do and the perks we will give to the team, but also hearing their feelings and thoughts.

  1. Remind your team that your doors are always open for them, and they are just a Slack message away.
  2. Create conversational spaces like Coffee Breaks, and you will get to know each person in a more deeply personal way.
  3. Send a cake on their birthday and ask them their favorite flavor when onboarding them. This will make them feel appreciated not only for their work performance.
  4. Foster in-person and virtual events, the team needs to feel known and comfortable with the persons they work with.
  5. Host games and cocktail hours. Teams are usually competitive and they will have fun while getting to know each other.
  6. Empathize and make the effort to understand other people’s feelings, priorities and beliefs. What might not seem important to you, might mean the world to someone else.

You will be surprised by the ideas they will come up with during these spaces. They will help you understand that each person is unique and that not everyone has the exact same needs to feel comfortable in a work environment.

Your team members are your customers, and like any company, you need to hear out your target and study what they are into and how they feel about the product you are providing. If your customer is happy, they will keep coming to your business, and this is where retention comes in the tech world.

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