How to Hire Nearshore Shopify Developers to Scale Your Business Fast


Paola T.

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Posted on November 29, 2023


Within the expansive realm of e-commerce, there comes a time in every business’s journey when you face the challenge of scaling up. Whether you’re a small startup or a big company, the need for expertise in managing your Shopify store efficiently and effectively is undeniable.

Now, imagine you have this idea bubbling in your head: a vision to expand your Shopify store and conquer new horizons. You’re thrilled, but you soon realize that you can’t do it alone. You require a team of skilled developers who grasp Shopify inside out and share your vision and mission.

That’s where the concept of hiring nearshore Shopify experts comes into play, and this is a tale of how to do it effectively and seamlessly.

The Quest for the Right Shopify Experts

Our story begins with a protagonist (that’s you), a passionate entrepreneur yearning for growth. You know that the first step to success is finding the right crew, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

So, you embark on a search to find the nearshore Shopify experts who will help turn your vision into reality. But where do you start? Here are a few trusty hints:

1. Plan Clearly Before You Start: before you dive into your journey, make a clear plan. Figure out what your business needs, how much you can spend, and what the project involves. Having a well-defined plan not only helps you stay on track but also makes it easier to explain your vision to potential Shopify experts.

2. Cast a Wide Net: to catch the best fish in the sea, you must cast a wide net. In your search for the ideal nearshore Shopify developers, you should consider various regions where talent thrives, like Central or South America. Remember, nearshore doesn’t mean “next door,” but it’s close enough for smooth collaboration.

3. The Power of Referrals: word of mouth has always been a powerful ally. Seek referrals from fellow business folk who’ve already ventured into these waters. They can recommend outsourcing Shopify partners who’ve helped them scale their businesses, serving as guiding lights in your search.

4. Cultural Fit Matters: as in every great story, the companions you choose will be with you through thick and thin. So, it’s essential to select Shopify partners who align with your business culture, mission, and values. Your shared vision will keep the ship sailing in the right direction.

5. Evaluating the Skill Sets of Your Team: when choosing your nearshore Shopify developers, consider their skill sets and experience. Check their portfolios and assess their expertise in Shopify, as well as any additional skills that might be relevant to your project.

Let me introduce you to the advantages of hiring nearshore Shopify developers and how their presence can lead to significant growth and success for your online business.

5 Reasons Why Remote/Nearshore Shopify Developers Benefit Your Business Growth Over Offshore Hiring

1. Cost savings: nearshore development often provides cost advantages compared to onshore options, allowing you to get high-quality work without breaking the bank. Hiring a Latam Shopify developer will allow you to save up to 50% of the costs of hiring a US-based expert.

2. Time Zone Convenience: with nearshore development, you’re likely to experience minimal time zone differences. This ensures that your team is available when needed, promoting real-time collaboration.

3. Shared Business Hours: having overlapping business hours allows for prompt communication and issue resolution. It’s like having an extended team without the challenges of significant time zone differences.

4. Skill Diversity: nearshore development hubs often host a diverse pool of talented professionals with varied skill sets. This means you can find the right expertise for your specific Shopify needs.

5. Integrated Project Management: nearshore collaboration with Shopify developers facilitates real-time project management, allowing for more effective coordination and timely updates on the project’s progress.

Setting You Up for Success

For more than 12 years, we have helped American software companies scale their software teams and grow their businesses. Our focus is on seamlessly connecting you with the ideal Shopify developers who not only possess the right skills but also align with your project’s personality, culture, and expectations.

From day one, you and your team work with our expert team of recruiters and HR to meet all of your needs to the tee. We tailor a comprehensive job profile for the role. Once we identify and vet the right experts, we facilitate as many interviews as you wish to conduct, allowing you to assess their skills firsthand. Your process, your decisions – we’re here to support you.

There are no up-front fees to get started. Once someone is on board, you pay after their first month. Getting started comes with no upfront fees. Our commitment is demonstrated by the fact that you pay only after the first month your candidate is onboard.

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Let’s chat!

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