Scale Your Software Team Without Breaking the Bank


Andres M.


Posted on August 10, 2023


I’ve learned quite a few things building software and teams for over 18 years.

One of my takeaways is that teams don’t have to be large or crazy expensive to build products that sell. I keep recommending to my own customers that they should be mindful about how they build not only their software but also their teams.

The right team is the key to everything. No process, system or meeting rhythm will make up for the fact that the team is not the right one.

Also, a large team won’t necessarily ship products faster. Just look at how fast a small startup can ship vs a large corporation. Too many cogs and politics involved.

Teams are not set-and-forget machines, I see teams as living, breathing organisms just as we as individuals are. They are in charge of keeping the product and company alive.

In this post, I will be sharing five strategies for achieving efficient expansion, allowing you to scale your software team without breaking the bank.

Plan your growth and stay lean

In most scenarios you do not need a large team to build your software product. A lean team composed of the right combination of experts is more than enough. I’ve helped a few of our customers make 7 figures after shipping their first product with teams of less than 10 people.

Plan your growth, team expansion might be impressive under the eyes of an investor, but - do you really need that new hire?

Leverage remote

Either hire directly or find a team of experts than can do the sourcing and recruiting for you (👋). Hiring remotely gives you the benefit of recruiting from a large talent pool with a significant cost reduction in salary, depending of course the cost of living of where you are hiring. Avoid communication headaches and hire in the same time zone.

Avoid agencies

Some of our largest partners at ideaware came to us because they tried for years working with agencies to build and ship their software. They burned a lot of cash and time in the process and no working product. The problem is that many agencies don’t have their skin in your business, only caring about maximizing billable hours. Make your team and IP yours. Accountability first.

Regularly evaluate and adjust

I’ll go back to my analogy that teams are living, breathing organisms. Teams must be constantly evaluated (I’m not talking about performance reviews) to find key areas (or members) that need improvement. Does someone need to be trained? Is he/she the right person for the job? Is someone always missing deadlines? Adjust accordinly.

Your tech stack also matters

The more complicated your tech stack is, the more complicated your team gets. Keep your stack simple, and use popular, established frameworks. These will often have large communities and make it easier to find people with the relevant experience.

In conclusion, scaling your software team doesn’t have to be a budget-breaking endeavor. By following these strategies for efficient expansion, you can meet the demands of a growing market without compromising your financial stability. Precise planning, staying lean, hiring remote talent and continuous evaluation will pave the way for a successful and cost-conscious team scaling journey.

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