Is The Future of Work Already in Your Pocket?


Andres M.


Posted on August 27, 2015


The next generation of Apps (and the startups behind them) are already turning this eutopian idea into a reality.

With the rise of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, the human workforce & economy are at risk. What will people do once their jobs turn into an algorithm, or once agriculture is completely taken over by robotic machinery? Makes you think.

The future of work

I strongly believe the sharing economy is the future of work. If you haven’t heard of the sharing economy, it’s one where -at your own pace- you trade your time, skills & available resources for money.

How does it work? Simple: someone, somewhere has a need for something you have, own or know how to do. Connecting individuals or companies who have a problem with other individuals who can help is the core of the sharing economy. Individuals get paid for services they offer.

New breed of apps


A new generation of startups are already tapping into the sharing economy as their business models. These startups use apps to enable you to use your skills, time & assets to make money. Have you heard of Uber? Yup, they’re a great example of how to tap into the sharing economy.

Another great example is Airbnb, you get to make money by renting space on your current property(s).

Other startups/apps such as Handy, Taskrabbit and Gigwalk are leveraging people’s skills to solve problems for others.

The freedom to choose what you want to do

A common trait for all of these apps is that you are not tied to either a schedule or a fixed contract, so you get to choose what you want to do. Need a free day? No prob. Want to save up for that new shiny car? Put in a bit more time.

Play your cards right and you have multiple sources of income at the same time without being tied to one employer.

More free time & more income: a not so distant eutopian economy might be around the corner.

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