10 Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated


Paola T.

Marketing and Culture

Posted on April 3, 2023


Keeping a motivated team with positive energy and top-notch skills will help your project thrive.

This is why we want to share with you our guide on keeping your remote software developers in Latin America or anywhere in the world inspired and happy.

1. Provide self-development opportunities: Team members feel valued on a team when they have the opportunity to upskill and learn not only by themselves but from each other. Setting an annual budget for learning it’s a fantastic way to provide your team with the training and challenges they want.

2. Avoid micromanaging: having someone who is constantly looking over your shoulder will make you feel uncomfortable and unsecured. Give your team clear goals and let them figure out how to achieve them. They will be more creative and have a more satisfactory workflow.

3. Celebrate every special occasion: We are usually caught up in tasks and goals that we forget how important it is to celebrate little things like Developer’s Day, and Women’s Day. Taking the time to send a gift to the team or get together will bring joy and happiness to their routines, and they will feel appreciated.

4. Organize in-person and online events to connect: Whether you are fully remote or hybrid, it’s important to find time to talk, update each other, play games, or have a few drinks. It’s fun, you will get the chance to unwind, and the team will build stronger relationships.

5. Ensure everyone is taking time off: It’s easy to forget we need time to relax, recharge and spend with our loved ones. Ensure each team member takes a minimum of days off per year. They will be grateful and will perform better.

6. Keep the team updated: Set a monthly meeting to keep everyone in the loop, give them feedback, share news, set clear and measurable goals, and listen to their ideas. You can also create a newsletter or newspaper to keep them updated on birthdays, events, personal and team updates, work anniversaries, and much more.

7. Healthy employees are happy employees: The best perk you can give your team is great health insurance. When our body and mind are working the right way, it reflects on our work performance. Also, give them time off when they are feeling burnout. They will appreciate the time to recharge and come back with a clear mind.

8. Make them feel noticed and appreciated: Remember to give them positive feedback and applaud their achievements constantly, they will feel inspired to work harder and reach goals. It’s also important to reward them for their hard work; you could use perks, money, gifts, time off, or a simple lunch invite.

9. Provide the team with proper equipment to work from home: feeling cozy in your work environment is a must. Give the team allowances to buy what they need to work comfortably from home. It will help them to be more productive and focused!

10. Set clear goals: When the team knows what they are working towards and are aware of their priorities, they feel more confident, and everyone works together to achieve their goals. Make sure they are measurable goals you can track.

We hope these tips will help you succeed!

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