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A virtual event on how we work, and how we can help you level up your career
by matching you with U.S. startups.

August 23rd to 25th

What is Ideaware Tech Week?

Ideaware Tech Week is a virtual event created to let people get an insight of our company, partners and the technologies we use.

Some of our team members will be sharing their experiences in the IT world and in IW, giving you a chance to connect. You will also get a chance to apply for US-based career opportunities, only available for tech week participants.

Let's build together!

Who is it for?

Ideaware Tech Week is an event created for those who are passionate about technology and innovation.

Join us and find out what is rocking the IT market, and what are the latest trends in software development and design.

You will get the chance to learn about state-of-the-art projects, and interact with experienced speakers. If you are looking for new career opportunities, and the chance to work with international and top-notch IT projects, this is your chance.

What to expect

By joining our Tech Talks, you will get an insight into what it's like to work at Ideaware and with international projects.

After the event, our specialized recruitment team will get in touch with you to share careers tips and be the point of contact for your next career move.

You will be able to participate in our recruitment processes which involve innovative projects, and get your career to the next level.​

Event Schedule

React Native Development

9:00 AM

Cross-platform Development with React Native

React Native combines the best parts of native and web development. Let’s test their motto, “Learn once, Write anywhere.” We will also discuss cache optimization, native modules, platform-specific features and more.

PHP Development

3:00 PM

Laravel, the PHP Full-Stack

We will talk about PHP artisan, MVC, routing and default methods, data manipulation with eloquent, restful API with passport, integration with frontend frameworks, and much more!

Ruby on Rails Development

9:00 AM

Ruby on Rails: Is it back or did it never leave?

Join us for a fun talk to discuss the highs and lows of working with cutting-edge Ruby on Rails In 2022 inside the Proptech Industry. Some topics we will cover: using Hotwire instead of React or other SPA frameworks, Migrating from DelayJob to Sidekiq, Tailwind CSS with Rails 7, Stimulus JS and more.

DevOps Development

3:00 PM

The DevOps movement

Inspired in the success of agile methods, a new movement emerged to take the same line of reasoning to the next level: DevOps. Some topics we will cover: What is DevOps?, Cloud computing and DevOps in practice.

UI/UX Design

9:00 AM

Let’s enhance our knowledge in Figma

Join us to talk about the most used collaborative interface design tool. A powerful app that allows us to create digital experiences in an agile way. We will give you some tips that will make you look like an expert.

Engineering Management

3:00 PM

The technology behind Clinical Trials

Let’s chat about the technology we use to manage the patient recruiting process for clinical trials. We will overview how a very complex and regulated industry relies on technical simplicity to support its operations and share our long-term plan to scale.

I want to be part of this exclusive event!

Our Speakers

Come live the experience

  • Get an insight into what it’s like to work at Ideaware and with international projects
  • Get a chance to apply for US-based career opportunities, only available for tech week participants
  • Find out what is rocking the IT market, and what are the latest trends in software development and design
  • Interact with experienced speakers and learn about state-of-the-art projects

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