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Backend Engineer / Senior

Employment Type: Remote job
Location: Colombia

What we’re looking for

At Ideaware, we are looking for a backend engineer with a background in computer science or computer engineering, or similar related degrees. Passionate about designing scalable backend systems, reliable backend APIs, fault-tolerant integrations, and third-party API systems, deeply familiar with software design patterns, and able to apply the right one to the right problem. Extremely motivated to grow as an engineer and be part of a strong team.


  • Collaborate with client-side developers in web and mobile development to design new product features and concepts.
  • Develop RESTful JSON APIs that will be used by client-side teams to serve our app.
  • Design backend data models, caching schemes, background processing/queuing, reporting, notifications/real-time updates aspects related to your features.
  • Work with other backend team members to choose the right design patterns, data model definitions, and algorithms for the extendability, reusability, and reliability of our backend systems.
  • Design and build fault-tolerant integrations into systems of interest.
  • Use backend profiling tools to investigate performance challenges and optimize backend APIs, or backend design to ensure the performance of our technology.
  • Investigate technology defects and propose solutions to client issues or issues reported by the quality assurance team.


  • A CS Degree or equivalent.
  • 5+ years (outside of school) of experience working as a backend developer in an API team or web development capacity.
  • 3+ years of experience writing SQL queries using object-relational data interfaces.
  • 3+ years of experience with rails.
  • 3+ years of experience designing software applications: data models, abstractions.
  • Strong problem solver.
  • Strong debugging skills. Strong ability to isolate and identify problems.
  • Strong ownership and collaboration skills.
  • The clarity in communication.
  • Fluency in English.


  • Experience with AWS, EC2, and Docker.
  • Experience with Ruby, Python, or PHP.
  • Experience with Memcached and Redis.
  • Experience with information retrieval and real-time search.

Perks & Benefits

🏠  Home Office.
🖥  Work from home setup.
🌎  Internet Bonus.
🇺🇸  English Classes.
👬  Employee Referral Bonus.
🚀  Code and Tell: weekly event to share and learn knowledge with the team!.
🕹  Virtual team building activities & challenges.
🎉  Afternoon off on your and your child’s birthdays.
🏦  Competitive Salaries.
👨🏽‍💻  Constant career growth opportunities.
😉  Seniority Perks.
💥  Above all, a calm work environment with amazing culture!.

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