As you know we love coding, new technologies, engaging with communities and leaders. Our idea is to consolidate and empower the tech culture in Barranquilla. We know there are amazing developers with enormous talent in the city and we want to summon them to participate in this quest. Are you ready for the adventure?

Throughout the years we have organize a lot of cool stuff, but this is definitely one of the most exciting things we have organized so far! Hackathon 20.18 was constructed so high profiled developers have the opportunity to engage in a challenge that could prove his/her abilities in software development. In this event we will test backend & frontend devs and we’ll have a special challenges for each one.


Do you love Javascript? Are you a Node, Ruby, React, or Angular developer?

This time you’ll have the chance to pick only ONE technology so you can show what you are really made off. There are a total of six prizes for the Hackathon, three for each challenge. If you ever wanted to spend your weekend just coding, eating pizza and going home with an Nintendo Switch this is for you.


Prizes for the Backend challenge:

1st place: Nintendo Switch.
2nd place: Quadcopter Drone with WiFi .
3rd place: $150.000 Falabella Gift Card.


Prizes for the Frontend challenge:

1st place: Nintendo Switch.
2nd place: Quadcopter Drone with WiFi .
3rd place: $150.000 Falabella Gift Card.






What you need to know:

Hackathon 20.18. One frontend challenge & one backend challenge. This is not a team quest. This is a one player game. Winner takes it all. Starts on Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon (sleep over not required).

Who can participate:

Any Ruby, Node, React or Angular developer who is willing to show off their amazing abilities. Limited seats.


September 29th & 30th are the dates you must mark in your calendar!


Calle 77B#57-103. Green Towers. Of. 1604. Ideaware’s meeting rooms

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