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Extend your team

Increase your existing team and never worry about administration, human resources or retention. We find the top-talent and skills your project needs.

We know every project is unique, and you need specific talents and skills to develop your product.

Helping you hire the right experts for the job is vital to us. That’s why we provide a wide selection of specialists that will fulfill your requirements and standards.

Web Developers
Mobile Developers
UX/UI Designers
DevOps Engineers
Quality Assurance Engineers



How does it work?

Job Description

The first step is to identify your goals, the requirements of the position, and the skills you are looking for. We will build the perfect job profile for the role. After the vacancy request is made, our Human Resources team begins to work its magic.

Screening and Selection Process

Our HR team and tech leads organize, identify and screen cream-of-the-crop candidates so you can review and select the profile you want to interview and is the best fit for your project and team. After you choose your A+ candidate and give us the green light, we start the hiring process!

Job Offer and Hiring

It's time to extend an offer to the selected candidate and talk through the start date, perks, work schedule, and other employment conditions. After the candidate is satisfied and comfortable with the terms, we get the contract ready and proceed with the hiring process.


We use a collaborative process to integrate your new member into their position, remote team, and our warm and friendly culture as quickly as possible, making them feel at the office even though they are working from home. The sooner new team members feel part of your project, the better their performance will be in it.

Management and Scaling

Now that your new member is ready, we manage payroll, insurance, contracts, perks, culture, and logistics while you focus on your product and vision. Whenever you are ready to scale again, you say the word, and we start the recruitment process again. Hire top talent!

Key Benefits

We were able to expand our team constantly and deliver more with every monthly release.

Arman Eshraghi / Founder CEO, Qrvey


The preparations to receive new team members start as soon as their start date is determined. Our HR department and our COO make sure new hires receive everything they need to start working from home from day one.

New team members will have two onboardings:

Ideaware Onboarding 

New team members are introduced to Ideaware’s management team on their first day via Zoom. Right after this meeting, in which the most relevant information about the company is shared, they are introduced to all team members through Slack, our internal communication app. This gives the rest of the team the chance to get to know their new coworkers and allows them to start building a social connection.

Find more information about our onboarding process here.

Partner Onboarding 

After our internal onboarding, we encourage you as a partner to proceed with your own internal onboarding process and welcome the new team member as part of your team.

Every position and seniority level is different. This is why we may take between 1-2 weeks to fill the position(s) your project requires.

No other fees are charged. It is a monthly flat fee for the agreed rate.

We ask you to provide the equipment since every project has different needs. There are two options:

  • As a partner, you can send the equipment to us and we will make sure all new hires receive them before their start date.
  • We take care of the purchase, and you reimburse us.

At the end of the engagement, we ship the equipment back to you.

Our HR department works side-by-side with you to ensure your members’ performance is as expected. If you decide it is not working out at some point, we will recruit and hire someone who is a better fit for your needs.

Yes, we ask you to give us a 60-day notice to scale down the team.

None whatsoever.

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