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Launching a new healthcare app for hospitals in record time.

The Challenge

Cisco Australia reached out to us for help launching a healthcare app MVP in under three months. They had a team of developers in place, but needed help gathering requirements from a large group of stakeholders. Just as important, we needed to design an experience easy for doctors and healthcare professionals to use.


Experience Design

After our one week Startup Bootcamp, we had the necesarry information to design the product experience. From user stories to flows and wireframes we brought together the tools needed for the job.

The Cisco team received from us a fully clickable prototype that we used to test and gather user feedback from very early in the process.

Visual Design

After concluding our user experience phase, we designed a beautiful interface and promptly worked with the development team to hit the ground running and hit our launch date.

The app is now under trial at a few select hospitals in Australia, our MVP has proven to be a success.


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