We ​are ​seeking ​a ​Webmaster. ​The ​Webmaster ​works ​closely ​with ​the ​Digital ​Marketing ​Manager ​to
support ​website ​and ​website-related ​needs ​for ​Marketing ​and ​Sales ​teams. ​

The ​Webmaster ​should ​have ​the ​knowledge ​and ​experience ​to ​recommend ​best ​practices ​for ​website development, ​maintenance, ​integration ​with ​tools, ​and ​related ​issues. ​Performs ​database design, ​implementation, ​and ​maintenance. ​Authors ​software ​configuration ​documentation, ​user ​manuals, and ​provides ​reports ​on ​website ​development ​activity. ​Works ​to ​integrate ​various ​softwares’ ​APIs ​and widgets ​into ​website, ​forms, ​and ​landing ​page. ​Cooperates ​with ​and ​takes ​guidance ​from ​internal Information ​Services ​team ​for ​deployments ​and ​security ​compliance.

Key​ ​Job​ ​Responsibilities​:

Establishing ​and ​guiding ​the ​website’s ​architecture
- Coding ​and ​technical ​needs ​related ​to ​marketing ​automation ​tools, ​such ​as ​AutopilotHQ
- Includes ​generating ​templates ​for ​email ​automation ​tools
- Develop ​new ​website ​pages ​from ​design ​assets
- Deploy ​new ​website ​pages ​to ​Staging ​site ​and ​Live ​site
- Maintain ​and ​update ​current ​website ​and ​landing ​pages
- Manage, ​update ​and ​enhance ​WordPress ​back-end
- Integrate ​third-party ​software, ​widgets ​and ​tools ​with ​website ​(e.g. ​marketing ​automation ​tools,
traffic ​analytics ​tools)
- Manage ​Google ​Analytics, ​Search ​Console, ​and ​at ​times, ​Adwords ​settings ​and ​integrations
- Communicate, ​report ​to, ​and ​cooperate in ​English ​with:
- Digital ​Marketing ​Manager
- Graphic ​Designer
- Information ​Systems ​Team

Required Technical Knowledge:

HTML coding for Email templates
- Ability to understand CSS changes and their ramifications to ensure consistent style across
platforms and browsers
- Prior ​integration ​experience ​with:
​- ​AWS ​deployment ​with ​Jenkins ​and ​Codedeploy
- Marketing ​Automation ​Software ​preferred ​(e.g. ​Marketo, ​Pardot, ​Autopilot ​HQ)
- Landing ​Page ​Tool ​(e.g. ​Unbounce, ​Leadpages)
- Familiarity ​with ​Database ​concepts
- Google ​Analytics
- Google ​Search ​Console
- Google ​Adwords
- Demonstrated ​knowledge ​and ​portfolio ​of ​WordPress/PHP ​HTML ​sites
- Ability ​to ​convert ​comprehensive ​layout ​and ​wireframes ​into ​working ​HTML ​pages
- Knowledge ​of ​how ​to ​interact ​with ​RESTful ​APIs ​and ​formats ​(JSON, ​XML)
- Proficient ​understanding ​of ​code ​versioning ​tools ​{{such ​as ​Git, ​SVN, ​and ​Mercurial}}
- Strong ​understanding ​of ​PHP ​back-end ​development

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