We are your team.

Since 2010, we’ve been helping companies create world-class apps & websites.
We do this by leveraging Colombia’s great tech talent to accelerate
an amazing IT team for you.

Our Humble Story

Our founder, Andres Max started Ideaware seven years ago as a UX/UI design agency. We quickly joined the ranks as one of the top design firms in Silicon Valley.

A few years down the road, we ventured into app development and have now evolved into a team accelerator from our main HQ in sunny Barranquilla, Colombia.

UX/UI Agency

We started back in 2010 as a User Experience design agency. Our team was quickly recognized as one of Silicon Valley's top app design firms.

App Design & Development

By 2013, we started developing web and mobile apps for our customers. Over the next few years we solidified our knowledge & quality.

2015 to now
Team Accelerator

In 2015, we completely pivoted how we work. We stopped working on fixed-scope projects. We decided to leverage Colombia's amazing tech talent pool and build nearshore teams for founders and companies. We're loving what we do!

What we do

World class teams
Quality Engineering
User centered design
Detail oriented
Client experience is first
Long term relationships

What we don't

One-off projects
Free work
Impossible deadlines
Lower the bar
Fixed scope projects
Impossible deadlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

In sunny Barranquilla, Colombia. Right on the Caribbean coast. Our office has a lovely ocean view!

Who manages my team or project?

You can manage the team directly yourself or we can find an amazing product manager to help.

Do you work nearshore only?

We work from our HQ in Colombia. If you need your team to work close to you for a period of time, we can arrange that too.

What is the benefit from hiring directly?

You get to work on your business while we manage hiring, training, payroll, etc. Focus on your product, we focus on building a team of A-players.

How does payment work?

Simple: a flat monthly fee based on how many team members you have on your team.

How many team members do you have?

We have over 70 people working from our HQ, as well as some remote employees.

We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your resumé or portfolio to become part of our talent pool.