We’ve been silent for almost two years. No blog posts, no social media, nada.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy though. In fact, it has been the most productive, exhilarating and busiest two years for us as a company (and for me as CEO).

Seven years ago, I founded Ideaware as a UX Design agency, and for the first few years, that’s exactly what we did. We worked with clients around the world (but mostly in Silicon Valley) to help them with their design needs.

And while design is still at the core of everything we do, I’m excited to announce that Ideaware is no longer an experience design firm. We’re much more than that now: we’re a team accelerator.

Team accelerator?

We’ve shifted from accelerating software products to accelerating software teams. Our team skills are still the same: project management, UX/UI design, Development & Quality Assurance. The difference is now we don’t engage in short term, fixed-scope projects.

Instead, we build long term relationships and amazing teams for our customers. You could call us a nearshore agency, but we are much more than that. Our teams live and breathe your company’s culture, goals and needs.

We do this by leveraging Colombia’s top 5% tech talent to recruit and build an amazing IT team for you while you focus on the business.

Why did we change?

Two words: Globalization & stability.

Founders and companies around the world are no longer fixated within their countries walls to find talent. Globalization is real & here.

In Colombia we have amazing Universities which leads to amazing talent, and we’d like to put that out there to the world. We’re here not only to help founders build great teams but also provide stable, above-industry paying jobs in Colombia.

Both of which, also translate to stability & growth for our company by building long-term relationships with our clients.

Up next

As we continue to grow (can you believe were almost 70 now?), it’s time for us to give back to our fellow founders, clients and community. So stay tuned as we are going to be providing some invaluable resources on how to build products & manage teams.

As you can see, our blog & website are basically starting fresh. Such a big shift deserves freshness 🙂

Thanks for reading, if there’s anything I can personally help you with my email is max@ideaware.co